Have Twins, Will Travel

Down Time

Isla Mujeres, Mexico – This is possibly the least active trip I have taken since I was a child myself. We didn’t see any ruins or go hiking or take any tours. We saw some birds, but only from the terrace. Daddio and I took one snorkel outing – kayaking out to the reef – but it was short-lived since we did not wear life jackets, which is apparently required.

We did visit a bunch of different beaches – four to be exact – where we spent hours and hours playing in the sand and surf. Twin V and Twin S loved it.
Then we would come home for lunch, put the twins down to nap in their cozy tents – and they would sleep for three hours. It was phenomenal. What was more amazing was that I would often sleep too.
I did get a little frustrated with our lack of activity. Daddio and I both really wanted to go snorkeling, but it just didn’t work out. Grandparents were not comfortable keeping the kids by themselves in this setting away from their own turf.
Overall, it was a relaxing fun family vacation – that’s what I wanted from my birthday trip and that’s what we got. There were definitely a few times that I swore we would never do it again, but of course we will!

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