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Butterfly Conservatory

El Castillo, Costa Rica – Here’s another book that the twins got for Christmas. Marinita the blue morpho butterfly goes exploring in the rain forest and she can’t find her way back to her home near the spring. She befriends a tree frog, who promises to help her by asking all the other animals in the rainforest, including a monkey, some ants, a hummingbird, a jaguar, white bats and a snake. Eventually, Marinita makes it home and she makes a lot of friends along the way.

zarimarinitacov2013It’s a cute story, but I especially love the illustrations. I also like that the text is in English and Spanish (although we always read the English).
Today the twins had the rare opportunity to meet Marinita the butterfly and Zari the frog in one eventful outing to the Butterfly Conservatory, right here in El Castillo. It is noteworthy that this facility is a half-mile from our house in El Castillo. It’s such a small village, with only a few hundred residents, a handful of hotels and restaurants and one store. So there’s not much here. But there is this fantastic facility, which houses the country’s largest butterfly exhibit and an excellent learning center, as well as a frog pond and several miles of walking trails.
While I was off exploring other parts, Daddio and the twins spent the day here. Besides meeting Marinita many times over, they watched caterpillars, looked for frogs, spotted some birds and ran around the grounds.
With all those wonderful things to see, the highlight, Daddio reported, was a revolving door. Literally. A door that the twins went in an out of for close to an hour, before Daddio finally called it quits. Which brings me back to Number 5 on the list of Top 10 Reasons to Travel with Your Kids: Every destination has something to entertain your kid.

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  1. Melina Valdelomar

    Hello Mara, I am Melina, the author of the book. I just saw the article! Thanks! I hope your twins are fine and always cares about the forest.