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Lecount Hollow Beach, Cape Cod


Wellfleet, Massachusetts – I have this fantasy that the twins and I will spend the summer visiting and reviewing the beaches up and down the Massachusetts coast. (Unfortunately, I have yet to find somebody to pay me to do this.)
We started on Cape Cod, in the midst of the glorious Cape Cod National Seashore, one of my favorite places in the world. This is some 40 miles of pristine, protected coastline, complete with sand dunes, surf and seals. And sharks, but hopefully that’s not relevant.

One of my oldest and dearest friends, PT, was spending the week at her family’s cottage in Wellfleet so − lucky us − we got to spend some time at her family’s cottage too.
I confess, I was a little nervous about bringing the twins to visit my childless friends. I remember what it was like to be childless. I didn’t have a whole lot of patience for other people’s kids, and there is no reason that childless people should have to put up with the inevitable bad stuff. At the slightest sign of tension, I had to be ready to bolt.


photo391f7Imagine my great joy and surprise when PT’s husband led the twins down to the water, and proceeded to spend most of the afternoon building sand castles and playing tag and splashing around the tidal pools, while PT and I gossiped and got caught up. That man is a hero.
Lecount Hollow Beach is on the surf side of the Cape in Wellfleet. All the reviews that I read indicated that it’s not good for kids because there is a steep hill leading down to the beach and because the surf can be rough.
We found the beach to be wonderful for kids. The twins walked down the hill with minimum difficulty (and they only had to do it once). The surf was not rough enough to scare them off (so not really rough at all) – probably because the tide was going out. Over the course of the day, there was more and more beach to play on, with tidal pools to splash in and treasures to find and wet sand to dig in. They had a ball.
On the way out, Twin S noticed a sign in the parking lot with a picture of a shark. I told the twins that the sign says to be careful of sharks in the water. They looked at the sign again. “But that’s not a nice shark, Mama.” Exactly, that’s why we have to be careful. “Oh.”
Hopefully they won’t remember that exchange, or I might have to change my summer plan.

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