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Good, Not So Good

Somerville, Mass – Weeks have gone by with no posts and I’m sure regular readers are overcome with curiosity–perhaps even concern–what’s been happening with the fearless duo? Did the twins run away to Moomin World? Did their mother decide to keep them in Finland, land of room darkening shades and affordable childcare? Or did she finally come to her senses and decide to stay home for good?

In short: No. No. And, um, no.

But many many things have been happening. Some good, some not so good.

Good We finished up in Finland. We flew home. Some day I will write about our 48 hours in transit, but I’m not sure I’m ready for it yet. I jetted off to Michigan for family affairs. We finally resettled, and then I stared at my computer for two weeks straight in attempt to meet a deadline. It wasn’t pretty–just ask Daddio–but I did it.

Not So Good Upon return home, the twins went back to their preschool for two weeks of summer camp. And that’s where Twin S was officially initiated into boyhood with his first broken bone. On the first day of summer. It’s really just a fracture–so slight that it did not show up on the x-ray–but the doc still wanted to put a cast on it.

DSC_0048Nobody was sadder about that than I was. (Twin S was actually rather pleased with his purple cast.) What about all my summer plans for beach outings and trips to Walden Pond? What about the fun 10ft inflatable pool we just put in the backyard? It was his teacher who suggested putting some sort of plastic bag around the cast to keep it dry. What a great idea–and she could probably find some way to make it work. But when I put a plastic bag on my son’s arm, it mainly served to trap the water in, thus assuring that the cast would be drenched through. Mother of the year, right here.

If all goes well (oh please oh please oh please) the cast will come off in two weeks. In the meantime, Twin S is handling the situation like a trooper, so I guess that I should too.

Not So Good, but then Good! Hopefully, you noticed my NEW look! When we were in Moscow–by complete fluke–I discovered that my blog host was planning to discontinue their service exactly one month from that day. I still do not believe I was ever actually informed about this rather crucial development. I certainly did not receive any warnings as the date approached. I just happened upon this tidbit of info when I was looking for something else. Seriously?

D-Day was, conveniently, a few days after our scheduled return home, and a few days before a major manuscript deadline. I try to be a DIY girl, I really do, but in this case, it was so out of my league that I couldn’t even stress out about it. I just decided that I value my sanity (and my blog) enough to ask for help. And LOOK what happens when you ask for help!

And that just goes to show, that the things we think are not good, sometimes turn out good, so maybe I should just stop categorizing them one way or the other.

Please keep checking back, as we put this new site together under very short notice so it still needs fine-tuning. But the entire archive is here, and soon the links and photos will be too. And yes, even some new posts. Coming Soon!

3 thoughts on “Good, Not So Good

  1. Mara Vorhees

    And in case anybody wants to know my name–which apparently does not appear anywhere on this site (woops)–it’s Vorhees. Mara Vorhees. I’m working on it!

  2. Kathleen Winterfield

    Live your blog Mara. Your Mom shares them. So funny to think your boys are a little older than you were when we first met.
    Had your Mom and Carol over for lunch a few weeks ago. Miss being with them.

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