Have Twins, Will Travel

Jungle Java

Ann Arbor, Michigan – I’m starting to wish that we had an older sibling in our family. Preferably a nine-year-old girl.

When we pulled out the grandparents’ Lite Brite, the twins worked on it together for about five minutes before losing interest. When I joined them, Twin S worked with me for another five minutes, while Twin V put the pegs in the potted plant. But when their nine-year-old cousin showed up, the three of them got down to business, focusing on the project at hand, working for as long as necessary, and completing a magnificent still-life of colorful ice cream sundaes.


A few days later, we met my friend at Jungle Java, a giant, multi-level playscape, complete with tunnels, slides, bridges and a tree house. My friend brought her nine-year-old daughter. The three of them played for two hours, leaving me free to drink coffee and catch up with my BFF. Two hours.They did check in for a snack, but mostly they were content to play with “that green girl.”(Good with colors, not so good with names.)

So, yeah, a nine-year-old girl. I have to get one of those.





4 thoughts on “Jungle Java

  1. Karen Auge

    Your BFF and family sound amazing… I am sure she would also be willing to bring said daughter on one of your adventures…

    1. Mara Vorhees Post author

      Totally amazing. And very prompt. And certainly welcome to come along on any adventure (with or without daughter).