Have Twins, Will Travel


Somerville, Mass – We did it. We completed our first week of pre-K without any tears–at least not on the part of the twins.

Upon pickup each day, there was a positive report from both teachers and kids. Yesterday, without any prompting, Twin V told his teachers “I had a great time playing with you today.” I think this school is going to be okay.

But it breaks my heart little bit.

Starting next week, my little 4-year-old boys are going to be in school 25 hours a week. Twenty-five. That’s like a job.

Daddio has long been lamenting the start of their “institutionalization”. I didn’t take his concern too seriously, but I did agree to inquire about the possibility of keeping the twins home one day a week. This would serve several purposes: it would give us some extra time for Spanish classes, so they don’t forget everything they learned last year; it would give us some extra time for other extra-curricular activities around Boston, so I have something to write about on this blog; and, it would reduce the amount of institutionalization that my children get at this young age.

“School is fun!” another mom said to me, not understanding my hesitation. I know that school is fun, but my kids are going to be in school for 14 years and then some. There is plenty of time for that kind of fun.

The teacher was not against my proposal, but the school administration was. According to a message on my voice mail, “we expect the children to attend five days a week, especially since we have a waiting list for this program.”¬†Okay, fine.

And so it begins. The twins line up when they are supposed to line up. They have already learned that there’s no talking in the hallways. They have started reminding each other “Zip it. Lock it. Put it in your pocket.”

I’m not against order, I’m really not. I have often lamented that I could not provide more of it. So here it is, 25 hours a week. But it breaks my heart a little bit.

I think this school is going to be okay, but we’re all going to be ready for our next adventure.


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