Have Twins, Will Travel

Recap and Retro

Somerville, Mass – This winter kicked my butt. 106 inches of snow – not counting the flakes that are coming down right now. (Update: as of 7pm this evening, we have 2.9 inches of new snow, bringing the seasonal total to 108.6 inches – which makes this Boston’s snowiest season on record. We are all very proud!) Nine days off from school due to snow (meaning nine work days that became play days). Two nights without heat. One unintended work-cation.

There was plenty of joy. The twins had TONS of fun in the snow. We spent three luxurious weeks in warmer climes with the grandparents. AND I somehow managed to meet my deadline for the manuscript I was working on – the new edition of Lonely Planet Boston.

But I’m exhausted.

The blog – obviously – was not a priority when there were deadlines looming over my head and eight-foot snowdrifts outside my door. But that doesn’t mean that we weren’t having adventures! So for my own record, I’m going to spending the next couple of weeks catching up with some retroactive posts. Real time is overrated.

I’ll link to the latest post here. Stay tuned.

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