Have Twins, Will Travel


Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica – We skipped Thanksgiving this year. Well, we didn’t totally skip it. We had a drastically scaled down, Thanksgiving dinner (with stuffing and pumpkin pie and, um, chicken) two days before the fact. But on Thanksgiving Day, we ate BBQ from Tres Hermanas.

But in the spirit of the holiday, here are some things I am grateful for:

  • We traveled on the day before Thanksgiving–the busiest travel day of the year–with nary a delayed flight or a long line.
  • So did the grandparents, who also enjoyed live entertainment and free mock-tails at the airport. What was going on yesterday?
  • Daddio is not here yet (not grateful for that) but he will be soon.
  • This is what we did on Black Friday to #optoutside.

12307921_423926877801333_2573584747137530794_oI am so blessed to be able to experience this glorious country and share it with my family. Let the Pura Vida begin!