Have Twins, Will Travel

Adventure Twins in Belize

My stomach roiled as the boat rocked and rolled along the Caribbean waves, and our two-hour journey stretched into three. The patchwork of emerald and azure waters was barely visible through the small windows of the boat’s interior cabin. The fresh sea air was not reaching us below deck. Our destination was an idyllic island off the coast of Belize, which would be delightful, I was sure. But so far, I was feeling woozy.

Plus, I was anxious. Not only was I on an adventure tour in this remote corner of the Caribbean, but I was travelling solo with my four-year-old twin sons. No dad, no grandparents, no babysitter — just me and my ever-lovable, energetic, opinionated, unpredictable, exhausting twins. Read More in the Vancouver Sun…


2 thoughts on “Adventure Twins in Belize

  1. Jules

    Wow… you are my hero. My twins are 19 months and we’ve taken them on a few international trips so far but I cannot imagine doing it solo. Actually, after our first trip to Panama, my husband and I decided for the next one, we were definitely going to bring grandma along.

    1. Mara Vorhees Post author

      That’s the way to do it: we travel with grandparents whenever possible! That said, it gets easier as they get older. I bet you’ll be going solo before long. Thanks for reading!

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