Have Twins, Will Travel

Powderhouse Park

Somerville, Mass – Remember how we spent a lot of money to take the twins (and some friends) to Brooklyn Boulders, but there were only a limited few walls that they could actually climb, so it was kind of not really worth it?

Today–on a whim–we stopped by Nathan Tufts Park, aka Powderhouse Park. We had to go to a wake, actually, but we thought the better of taking the twins. So Daddio went in to pay his respects, while I waited with the twins at the park across the street.

This is the kid-friendly rock-climbing that I’m talking about. The twins could have entertained themselves here for hours, finding the many different routes up and down the rocky hill. And it’s free. (Bonus: at the top is the Old Powderhouse, an old stone building that the colonists used as their gunpowder magazine.)