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December in the Pink House

Somerville, Massachusetts – December in the Pink House has blown by in a flurry of Christmas lights, Christmas carols, Christmas cookies, Christmas cards and Christmas shopping. I wrote about this dilemma two years ago (the last time we were home for the holidays) and it still holds true. As much as we try, when we’re here, to maintain the same simplicity that characterizes Christmas there… we don’t.

We can’t help it. We love the lights, the action, the ha-cha-cha. The presents. Twin V had a school assignment to write about his favorite Christmas tradition and he wrote “I like opening presents.” No sugarcoating from Twin V!

So much for the simplicity of Christmas in Costa Rica. Instead, this year we had a Somerville Christmas.

The whole family ran in the Bill Rodgers Jingle Bell 5K (finishing almost a half-hour behind the fastest runners, but still… we finished! And V was the fastest 6-year old!)

Bill Rodgers Jingle Bell 5km

The twins designed our Christmas card (with significant creative input from Daddio).

We wish you a SCARY Christmas and a CREEPY New Year

We did our best to get the Pink House on the map of the local Illuminations Tour. (Admittedly, we have a long way to go.)

Bird House

And the twins received ridiculous amounts of Legos. By some accounts it was the best Christmas ever.

Some folks like simplicity; some like celebration. And some like a little of both! Happy holidays, everyone!

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