Have Twins, Will Travel

Universal’s Volcano Bay

Orlando, Florida – Today is High School Senior Day at Universal Studios. Ugh. Staff advised that both “land parks” would be packed, despite our best efforts to come during a off-peak period. What a great opportunity, we decided, to check out the new water park Universal’s Volcano Bay.

Volcano Bay is blessedly different from the other Universal theme parks. There are no stomach-wrenching simulated roller coasters or blaring audio tracts. There are no high-speed chases or violent attacks. Instead there are water slides, wave pools and fast-flowing rivers. It’s just pure, exhilarating, cool, wet fun. For me, Universal’s Volcano Bay offered a much-needed reprieve from the non-stop sensory-stimulation at the other parks.

Plus, temperatures hovered in the 90s all day today, so there was no better place to be. Except maybe the beach, but that’s a different story.

Universal’s Volcano Bay

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