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Lonely Planet Finland

Somerville, Mass – Check out the new Lonely Planet Finland guide! Whenever people ask me my favorite place to travel, I tend to name my most recent place of travel. That’s the place that is freshest in my brain. It’s the source of my most vivid memories and of still-moving experiences.

Unfortunately, by the time the book rolls off the press and lands on my doorstep, that place has usually been displaced, if not forgotten. Bumped from the top of the list by some more recent adventure.

But not this time! Due to my quiet winter at home–and to Finland’s enduring awesomeness–this Nordic gem still holds a prime place in my heart. Plus, have you heard how Finland is the happiest place on earth? Kind of makes you want to go and check it out, right? If so, buy the excellent and newly updated Lonely Planet Finland at your local bookstore or at lonelyplanet.com

Lonely Planet Finland

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