Have Twins, Will Travel

La Casa Away From La Casa

Isla Mujeres, Mexico – It was kind of a fluke that we ended up coming to this little island paradise. As I already reported, it was my birthday trip, and I knew I wanted to take a family vacation to a tropical place. But that’s all I knew.
Until I came across El Milagro on Vacation Rentals By Owner. First of all, if you don’t know Vacation Rentals By Owner, you should check it out. To my mind it is an integral part of family travel. For the price of a hotel room, you can usually find a condo or even a house, with multiple bedrooms, full kitchen and other amenities. Generally speaking, the privately owned properties offer the comfort and convenience that your family needs, without the exclusivity or isolation (or prices) of a resort.
973_small88f0Along with Trip Advisor‘s vacation rentals, VRBO is the best way to find an affordable place for your family to make a temporary home – practically anywhere in the world.
Anyway, I was surfing VRBO and I discovered El Milagro Marina & Villas. I had never even heard of Isla Mujeres before, but I read the description and I had to go there. It’s easily accessible from Cancun but far away from the big resorts and party atmosphere. It also helped that I found Playa Norte on somebody’s list of Most Beautiful Beaches.
As I suspected, this place is near perfect. We are staying in the penthouse and Grandparents are in the cute beach cabana. There is a small private beach where the twins can play in the sand and splash in the water. There are hammock swings where they can chill out. There is a big wide terrace where they can see the ocean on one side and the lights of Cancun twinkling over the bay on the other side. (This rooftop terrace it not enclosed and would probably terrify some parents, but the twins seem to understand to stay away from the edge.)
The whole place is very pleasant and the twins are having a ball. They have spent hours each day digging around, filling buckets with sand and water, collecting shells and otherwise amusing themselves at the beach. Sometimes they are so busy I can’t get their attention, as they focus on the task at hand.