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Costa Rica

In 25 years of traveling to Cota Rica, one of my favorite memories is from my first canal cruise to Tortuguero. We saw so many monkeys and sloths that I lost cocunt; the irdlife was magnificent; the crocs were lined up on the bank. Just when I thought I had seen it all, we spotted a baby sloth that had fallen into the water and was being carried downstream by the swift current. Aware that the little guy would be swept right into a croc’s open mouth, the boat driver offered him a paddle. The sloth climbed right out and we gave him a lift to safety.

This incident captures so much of what I love about Costa Rica–not only the incredible, unexpected opportunities to see wildlife, but also the care and pride that Ticos demonstrate in protecting the natural world around them. See more on Lonely Planet…

Experience Costa Rica

A microcosm of Costa Rica itself, Northern Costa Rica shows off the country’s highlights, from the steaming volcanoes and misty cloud forests of the Cordillera de Guanacaste to the inky lagoons and dense rainforest of the Northern Lowlands.

  • Lounge on deserted beaches and swim in the serene Golfo de Santa Elena
  • Witness the power of the highly active Volcan Rincon de la Vieja
  • Swim under a waterfall at Llanos de Cortes
  • Swim in the dreamy blue waters of the Rio Celeste
  • Hike (or fly) through the clouds at Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve
  • Visit Monteverde restaurants to feast on tantalizing food in surprising settings
  • Spot wildlife at Sloths’ Territory and other rainforest nature preserves
  • Follow the lava flows from the biggest eruptions of Volcan Arenal
  • Ride the rapids or float through the forests of the Rio Sarapiqui
  • Read more at Lonely Planet…

Experience New England

Can one city be all things to all people? Boston sure does try. This is where folks are as passionate about intellectual pursuits as they are about sports, where art and technology are intertwined, and where a fascinating history is matched by a progressive vibe.

  • Bowl the New England way at Sacco’s Bowl Haven
  • Discover the artsy side of the MIT campus
  • See Boston and Cambridge from the seat of a bicycle
  • Be fashionable and shop local on Newbury Street
  • Sip tea amid the elegance of the Boston Public Library
  • Tantalze your tastebuds in the North End
  • Get spooked in Boston’s oldest crypts and cemeteries
  • Hobnob with the artists in the SoWa arts district
  • Catch the ocean breeze at the Boston Harbor Islands
  • See more at Lonely Planet…

New England

“The history of New England is the history of America. It’s the Pilgrims who came ashore at Plymouth Rock, the minutemen who fought for independence from Britain, and the abolitionists who challenged America’s legacy of slavery. It’s the ponderings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and the protests of Harriet Beecher Stowe. It’s hundreds of years of poets and philosophers: progressive thinkers who dared to dream and dared to do. It’s generations of immigrants, who have shaped New England into the dynamic region that it is today.” See more on Lonely Planet…


“Boston is wicked smaaht. I love that Boston is motivated not by money or politics, but by learning. The academic institutions are a source of groundbreaking ideas, creative endeavors and renewable energy, which contribute to a dynamic, forward-looking city.” See more on Lonely Planet…

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