Have Twins, Will Travel

Skyline Loop at Blue Hills Reservation

Milton, Mass – Every so often, good fortune shines down on the youth of America, and Voting Day (the first Tuesday in November) and Veterans Day (November 11) occur in the same week. In Somerville, there is no school on either day, resulting in an unexpected and much appreciated three-day week. Last year, we seized the opportunity and sent the twins away to Costa Rica for the week. This year, we had no such grand plans. But I did insist on an outing–and we ended up hiking the scenic Skyline Loop at Blue Hills Reservation.

I really like this hike for its proximity to Boston and its rewarding vistas (although the Eliot Observation Tower was closed for renovations, so there was no view at the summit). It is challenging enough to be interesting but not enough to be daunting. And much to my delight, the colors were still out, even though it is November.

Much has changed since we took a pandemic field trip to hike the Skyline Loop at Blue Hills Reservation. Three years on, the twins (and their friend) were way out in front, while Daddio and I finished about 20 minutes behind them. They just keep getting faster, and we keep getting slower. Sigh.