Have Twins, Will Travel

Family of Four-Oh

Isla Mujeres, Mexico – Last year I had a significant birthday that ends in a zero. Sweet Daddio said that we should go on a trip to celebrate.

In retrospect, I’m pretty sure that by “we” he meant him and me. Alone.
But it was my birthday and it’s my birthday trip. And I decided that I wanted to take a family vacation. With all of our travels, we had never had a real holiday as a family. We usually plan our trips around my travel writing gigs – and no, a research trip is not a vacation. We often go to visit the grandparents in Michigan. That doesn’t count either. Daddio and I have done the occasional weekend away, which is absolutely divine, but also doesn’t count as a family vacation .
Besides, Twin V and Twin S will soon celebrate their 2nd birthday. That means we’ll have to start paying full price for their plane tickets, so who knows if we will ever fly again. We have to go somewhere fun – and fast.
So this is it. The whole family is going to escape winter for a week on the beach in Mexico. Arriba!