Have Twins, Will Travel

International Museum Day

Cambridge, Massachusetts – Although I am an advocate of independent travel, I occasionally take assignments writing for travel agencies and tour companies (freelance writers must pay bills). Indeed, I am grateful for a semi-regular gig at Go Ahead Tours, a great travel company that is a division of the Swedish consortium Education First.

Go Ahead has not won me over to group travel yet, but it is a pretty ideal place for me to work: easy commute, nice people and − most importantly − I usually learn something while I’m there.

On that note, did you know that today is International Museum Day? Here is a blog post on the subject that I wrote for Go Ahead:
For all our art and culture buffs out there (and we know there’s a lot of you), here’s something worth celebrating: International Museum Day. Tens of thousands of museums all over the world participate in this special event to raise awareness about the cultural importance of museums. Here, a few of our favorites across the globe. 
No longer available at Go Ahead Tours.