Have Twins, Will Travel

Union Square Donuts


Somerville, Massachusetts – All the foodie people are talking about Union Square these days. We have not been able to get into Bronwyn yet, but we are already regulars at the other new and highly-touted gourmet destination in our neighborhood.
Union Square Donuts truly live up to the hype. They are big, chewy and delicious. They are also $3 a pop, but they are worth it.

Here’s our take on the fancy doughnut flavors:
  • Honey Almond A classic honey-dipped doughnut, topped with almond slivers. Not sugary sweet. Pretty much perfection in a doughnut, if you like the simple things in life.
  • Strawberry-Rhubarb Beer Jam A new twist on the classic jelly-filled. Daddio’s hands-down fave. To. Die. For.
  • Cherry Hibiscus It’s pink, which means it is the first choice of the twins. Personally, I shy away from food this pink, but these doughnuts are pretty yummy and surprisingly not as sweet as they look.
  • Creamsicle This tastes exactly like a Creamsicle, except it’s round with a hole in the middle. It’s also orange, which makes it popular among the three-and-under set.
  • Sea-Salted Bourbon Caramel I am a sucker for salty-sweet combinations, so I thought this was going to be the doughnut for me. It is just as chewy and yummy as the other options, but the saltiness was too subtle for my tastes.
  • Maple Bacon This is the doughnut that everybody has been talking about, and after one bite you’ll understand why. This is the salty-sweet combination I was looking for: perfectly chewy pieces of bacon and maple-sweet frosting.
Plus a few other varieties that we have not sampled yet. So get yourself over to Union Square for some doughnuts. Thursday to Sunday, 8am until they sell out. Yum.