Have Twins, Will Travel

Jungle Boys

Somerville, Mass – Regular readers may remember that the twins started potty training shortly before leaving for Costa Rica. This was not planned by me, obviously. But when the boys showed an interest in using the potty, I was not going to stand in their way.

In the weeks leading up to our trip, we spent a lot of time at home with no pants on. (Well, I had pants on, but they didn’t.) We posted sticker charts. We got it going. Finally.

When we departed for Costa Rica, I expected some regression due to the change in routine and environment. Much to my surprise, it didn’t really happen.

potette7dafWe brought the Kalencom Potette Plus to Costa Rica. I know other moms who take the Potette everywhere, so their potty-training kids can use it at the park, in the car, wherever. The Potette also serves as a potty ring, so little kids won’t fall into a regular toilet. When not in use, it folds up and slips into a diaper bag or a suitcase. It seems handy, but I can’t really offer a fair product review, because my boys were not interested in using it, even in the privacy of our own bathroom.

Instead, they started using the toilet and they were cool with it (though Twin V did nearly fall in once). They became much more comfortable using the bathroom in strange places.
And they even would consistently get out of the swimming pool to go in the right place. I was thrilled. (Do I need to mention that I have changed twice as many diapers as other mothers of 3-year-olds?)

Here’s the thing: the twins were little jungle boys in Costa Rica. It’s a culture and a climate that do not really require kids to wear clothes–so they didn’t. This enabled a greater awareness of what was going on down there and easy access to the toilet. It worked.

Now we’re back in New England. It’s 16 degrees outside. And the twins have to wear clothes. Wish us luck.