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Somerville: Rockin’ the Boston ‘Burbs

Somerville, Mass – The ‘Ville is in the news again, this time making the Lonely Planet list of best places to travel in 2016. And we get to live here! (Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the headline.) Read more at lonelyplanet.com…


5 thoughts on “Somerville: Rockin’ the Boston ‘Burbs

  1. D.J.

    One quick edit and one question:

    Just as a note, it’s not the mayor portraying Gen. Washington at the flag-raising celebrations. (Unfortunately, I can’t recall who it is in order to give proper credit.)

    As for the question – where’s that mural (which appears to be Caleb Neelon’s work – not surprising, as he’s in Cambridge) located?

    1. Mara Vorhees Post author

      Thanks, DJ. Perhaps my memory is faulty about who plays whom in the re-enanctment (or perhaps it’s not the same every year?). In any case, our commander-in-chief should play General Washington, don’t you think? The mural is on Hawkins St near Union Sq. Thanks for reading!

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