Have Twins, Will Travel

Experience Kissimmee

Boston, Mass – We’re not going to Florida this year, so I was happy to receive an invitation from Experience Kissimmee for an event in Boston. In addition to drinks and swag we got to:

  • Ride an air boat in the Boston Harbor thanks to Wild Florida (and get pulled over by state police, who were like “What the…?”)

Freezin' Gator Zipline, Boston

  • Make friends with a Florida ‘gator and a boa constrictor from Gatorland.

Gatorland, Kissimmee Florida

It was good enough that I took the twins back the next day. They were too small to ride the zip line. But they were not too small to snuggle with a bearded dragon and get busy in the crayon tent. It’s not quite the same as going to Florida, but I’ll take it.