Have Twins, Will Travel

Gunstock Mountain Resort – 2

Gilford, New Hampshire – Remember how we decided to go skiing at Gunstock Mountain Resort because they had snow tubing in addition to skiing? That was our main activity on the agenda for our second day on the mountain. A snow tubing ticket also allowed for unlimited rides on the Mountain Coaster, so we were going to be busy.

We decided to enjoy a relaxing morning at the Misty Harbor Resort, taking advantage of the swimming pool and hot tub (and free donuts). After checking out, we headed back to Gunstock Mountain Resort for the afternoon.

Much to our dismay, we discovered that tubing had closed for the rest of the day due to mechanical problems. Gunstock was not giving refunds, which was ridiculous. Instead, they were offering unlimited rides on the Mountain Coaster.

The Mountain Coaster is a good time. It’s a decent roller coaster that goes fast enough to make me scream, and the twins loved it.

But here’s a math problem: The Mountain Coaster takes about 6 minutes per ride. The wait time is approximately 5 minutes. How many times can you ride the Mountain Coaster before your innards feel jostled and your brain feels frozen?

The answer, as it turns out, is about six. Then Daddio and I had to put an end to the madness, despite much protest from the twins.

We did get a voucher to come back for snow tubing on a different day. So we might do that.

But I never want to ride another Mountain Coaster again in my life.

Gunstock Mountain Resort