Have Twins, Will Travel

Moscow Madness

Moscow, Russia – Back in the day, the Soviet state awarded the title of “Mother-Hero” to any mum with 10 children or more. My criteria may not be as difficult, but I think Daddio deserves the title of “Father-Hero”. After being a single parent for two weeks, he then flew solo with the twins (and animal friends) to meet me in Moscow. They made it!

Father-Hero and his charges arrive in Moscow

Here’s some fun features of our situation in Moscow:

  • Our flat has no hot water. What am I saying? The whole city has no hot water! Apparently, I arrived just in time for the annual water pipe maintenance (or something) that requires cutting off the water for a few days. Чем больше все меняется… (That’s Russian for plus ça change…)
  • Our flat has no TV. But it does have this. We’re calling it Kanal Revolyutsii. The twins are not amused.

Revolution Channel is better than TV.

  • We also have an amazing view! You can’t really tell from the photo, but this scene takes in three of Stalin’s seven iconic Neogothic skyscrapers.

Pushkinskaya Square, Moscow

The twins discovered that we also have a cool view from the window in the stairwell.

V admires the view out the back window.

  • This is our local coffee place. The best! (And quite a bargain, in this town of $5 coffees.)

One Bucks Coffee

Now that we’re fully caffeinated, we’re ready for our next adventure. Here we go, Moscow!