Have Twins, Will Travel

Kids Cultural Events in January

Somerville, Mass – The holidays are over and the presents are no longer new, and the weather is still frightful. As in, single-digit temperatures and–if you’re as lucky as we are in Boston–two snow days in one week. That makes January the perfect time for local cultural events–you know, theater, film festivals, symphony, stuff like that. Here’s what we have on the agenda this month:

ART Family Productions

Every year in December and January, the American Repertory Theater puts on a family-friendly show that rocks the house. It’s family-friendly in every way, with 60-minute shows that start at 10am; interactive performances that encourage audience participation; and photo-ops with the actors afterwards. Not only that, the ART brings their flare for innovation and adventure to the children’s shows, experimenting with sets, props and costumes. In addition to the Light Princess, which I reviewed several years ago, we have also seen the Pirate Princess and James & the Giant Peach–both of which were big hits with the twins. This year is Charlotte’s Web. Win.

The twins pose for a photo with Charlotte.

Belmont World Film

Everybody loves a film festival–and nowadays it seems that everybody wants to have their own.  Including Belmont, a posh suburb adjacent to Cambridge. In fact, Belmont World Film hosts two annual festivals and one of them is for kids. There are three days of kid-friendly films at independent theaters in Arlington, Belmont and Cambridge. And it really is world film. This year there are movies from Colombia, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and more. In honor of Martin Luther King, the films on Monday are all about MLK and social justice issues.

BYSO MLK Tribute Concert

Indeed, there are loads of special events all around Boston for MLK Day. My pick for the day is a free concert by the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra. The program features classical music, as well as spirituals, freedom songs and other sing-along songs.

So, just because it’s January, you don’t have to stay home and let your kids’ brains stew in front of a screen. Go get yourself some kultchah. Stay warm out there, folks!