Have Twins, Will Travel

Soccer the Universal Language

Venice, Italy – One of the (very few) complaints we have about life in Venice, is that it’s not easy for the twins to make friends. The main challenge is that they are shy about the language barrier. Fortunately, soccer is a universal language.

Today the boys’ capoeira class was unexpectedly cancelled. (Yes, amazingly, we found the fabulous Capoeira Topazio in Venice. If you want to know what capoeira is, read here.) With no class, the kids and parents were left to congregate in the nearby campo (square). And of course, the kids started playing il calcio (soccer). The twins have been attending capoeira classes for a month, but this is the first time my boys actually played with these kids. The both declared it was the best capoeira class yet (and S doesn’t even like to play soccer).

Note that the alley at the far end of the court leads straight into a canal, which explains why they take off after the ball. And that’s how it goes with il calcio in il campo.