Have Twins, Will Travel

Roman Forum & Colosseum

Rome, Italy – Today’s tip for traveling with kids comes to you from the Roman Forum & Colosseum: Ancient ruins are infinitely more interesting if they are climbable.

The twins did not love the Roman Colosseum as much as the rest of the Forum. This is partly because we went there in the afternoon, so they were tired. Also, we had already been to the smaller but still impressive amphitheater in Verona. In Verona they could run and explore every nook and cranny, while access in the Roman Colosseum is much more restricted.

And that’s what we’re all about: running and exploring.

When in Rome… learn about the Romans

We picked up these souvenir books along the way, so the twins have some relevant reading material. As I wrote here, You Wouldn’t Want to Be… is one of my favorite series for learning about history and cultures. See Inside Ancient Rome is a Richard Scarry-style picture book, with plenty of little details to look at and discover. It’s a great option for younger kids. And 100 Facts is yet another packaging–fun facts organized into bite-size morsels that are easy to process and remember. That should keep them busy on the train! (Post addendum: Both twins had read all of these books, cover to cover, before we returned to Venice.)