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Carezza Ski

Nova Levante, South Tyrol – Two years ago we had a (sort of) successful first attempt at skiing. I vowed to take the twins skiing more often, so they might learn to love this sport, and by association, winter itself. In fact, it was on my list of things to do in 2018. Well… I made it (barely).

We are spending Christmas in the Alps, which seems like a snowy, festive place to spend the holiday. But if we’re going to be in the Alps, you better believe we’re going to ski down one of those mountains. I convinced Daddio that it was a good idea to come here by promising him that he does not have to ski. He can sit by the fire and drink wine and write his book. But the twins and I are doing it.

We arrived after dark last night, but we woke up to this view. This adventure is off to a good start.

View from our room at Castel Latemar

We are staying at Castel Latemar, which is a delight (even besides the view). The owner’s son picked us up at the train station in Bolzano. We can walk or ski to the slopes. And our dinner on arrival last night was excellent. There is a fireplace, but we have not yet seen it lit, which is our only complaint. Daddio decided to come skiing with us.

On the way to Carezza Ski Resort

And we were off to Carezza Ski Resort. The twins were excited, but their good humor waned as we endured an hour of filling out forms and getting equipped. Things went downhill from there (ahem). The first hour in skis was pure misery. The twins refused to take a lesson from somebody who actually knows what they are doing. Daddio and I tried to help and failed. I was cursing myself for forcing my family to endure so much “fun”.

But slowly but surely, they figured it out, with plenty of frustration and face plants along the way.

In the end, it was a pretty perfect day (I mean, after the first hour). We spent the entire day on the same small hill, but they conquered it and the loved it. And they want to come back tomorrow.

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