Have Twins, Will Travel

Travel Goals

Somerville, Mass – Setting goals is essential for motivating to accomplish new things, building confidence, and living life to the fullest. (A few quick clicks on Google will confirm this many times over.) Now, the travel experts at Lonely Planet are here to help you set some Travel Goals, with a new book of “Inspiring Experiences to Transform Your Life.”

These 120 inspirational ideas range from “Sleep Under the Stars” to “Learn a Foreign Tongue” to “Have a Fling.” (There’s something for everyone.)

The very act of writing and refining often enhances my understanding and appreciation of the experience I am writing about. So the blog allows me to get more out of the very same experiences.

Excerpt from “Write a Travel Blog”, Travel Goals, Lonely Planet

You’ll find my two bits on page 158, “Write a Travel Blog,” and page 206, “Descend into the Abyss.” Buy the book here.