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How I Became a Reef Rescuer

Dive staff at this St Lucia resort are helping to save the reef–and you can too

Labrelotte Bay, St Lucia –Like many divers, Eget Martyr has a longstanding love affair with coral reefs—source of spectacular underwater scenery, rich marine life, and, most importantly, her livelihood. For nearly 30 years, she has worked as a divemaster in the submarine fantasy land surrounding her home island of St. Lucia. To sustain this love affair, Eget donates her time to the island’s reef restoration efforts, which are coordinated by the Perry Institute for Marine Science’s Reef Rescue Program. The Reef Rescue Network has outplanted 7,736 coral fragments at 30 nurseries across 14 islands. Read more about how I became a reef rescuer in Scuba Diving Magazine…

The tag identifies the coral fragments that Mara outplanted as a reef rescuer.