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Join the Revolution in Boston

greatescapes13a2cBoston, Mass – If you need an inspirational gift for the traveler in your life, how about this gorgeous hardcover picture book covering the world’s Great Escapes? There’s something for everyone… culture, food, romance and, yes, even a section on family travel.
An excerpt from Lonely Planet Great Escapes…

Take the family to Boston to discover the daring and defiance of America’s fiery forebears. Just don’t be surprised if your children start to make demands like “Give me liberty or give me death!”

“Dump the tea!” shouts the rabble-rousing patriot, as he storms down the gangway to Griffin’s Wharf.
“Into the sea!” responds the frenzied crowd, following close on his heels.
The raving mob has come straight from the meeting house at the Boston Tea Party Museum, where Sam Adams and other Sons of Liberty have been stirring up trouble. Cries of “Boo!” and “Fie!” can be heard when the rebels remind the assembled townsfolk of the injustices they have suffered at the hands of the British Crown. “Huzzah!” rings forth when the decision is made to take a stand against taxation without representation.
The Boston Tea Party Museum is one of many destinations in Boston where children can immerse themselves in events that led to the birth of a nation, but also experience the peril and passion the early patriots knew. As the city where the American Revolution started, Boston is a living history museum. You can hardly walk a step on her cobblestone sidewalks without stumbling over a historic spot. Tour guides don colonial dress and share their “personal” experiences, imbuing the stories with the energy and excitement of the revolution.
It may give parents pause to think that a visit to Boston will encourage their children to be rebellious. But the take-away message is that principles like freedom and fairness are more important than order and obedience. As John Adams so eloquently put it, “Let justice be done though the heavens may fall.”
With that sentiment in mind, the patriots on Griffin’s Wharf hoist crates of tea high over their heads and hurl them into Boston Harbor. The crowd cheers and clicks of cameras are heard all around. Then the enthusiastic participants pull the crates out of the water by their tethers, and throw them overboard again. “Boston Harbor, a teapot tonight! Huzzah!” Check it out at Lonely Planet…

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