Have Twins, Will Travel

Honey Pot Hill

Stow, Mass – A year ago, I posted about our annual trip to Honey Pot Hill apple orchard. I lamented that we did not get any photos of the hedge maze, because I was too busy chasing after Twin V so he would not get lost forever.

020183a8This year, I did not have that problem, as V was petrified in the hedge maze and refused to run or have fun. He spent the first five minutes pleading with his parents to take him out. “Let’s go out, Mama. Let’s go out. Let’s go out.” I finally relented, and as soon as we turned around he said “The hedge maze was fun!” Apparently he has inherited his father’s expertise in revisionist history.
I suppose he just needed some reassurance that we could definitely find our way out. Because as soon as we reached the exit, he declared “Let’s go back in.”
Anyway, despite Twin V’s concerns, we found our way to the center of the maze and we made it back out again, though we did cheat and use the “emergency exit” (not because we couldn’t find our way, but because we didn’t care to listen to our son doubting our navigation skills the whole time).
025c037All this fun took place in the “Mini Monster Maze”, which is apparently an exact replica of the historic maze at Hampton Court palace in England. Honey Pot Hill also has the “Big Green Monster Maze”, which is supposed to be the biggest in the country (1.5 miles, 6000 hedges). Someday my son will be brave enough. Maybe in 11 years. (Recommended for kids age 14 and up.)
There is also a little Tunnel Maze, which is recommended for kids age 4 to 10. No parents allowed. Twin S peeked in, but did not get very far. There was nobody else in there, so I peeked in too. I wanted to see if it was actually a maze, or if it was more of a unicursal labyrinth. Once I went in, both twins followed me. We soon discovered it was a maze, with plenty of confusing false pathways and dead ends. The twins thought it was fun, now that we were all in there together. I thought it was claustrophobic. “Let’s go out, guys. Let’s go out. Let’s go out.” Phew.