Have Twins, Will Travel

Summer in the City

Boston, Mass – There are loads of opportunities to cool off along the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The Rings Fountain, for example, is perfect for frolicking. The Canal in the North End Park is also kid-friendly, clearly set up for running through. Even the little bubbling fountain at the center of the Armenian Heritage Park labyrinth seems like it’s okay for a little splash.

But the abstract sculpture in Armenian Heritage Park is more for looking at than swimming in, I think.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to stop the twins and their friends before they climbed into the reflecting pool beneath the dodecahedron sculpture. (I already looked it up: it’s a 12-sided 3D shape.)

It seemed wrong. After all, it’s a memorial to the victims of the Armenian genocide. On the other hand, it also seemed harmless, and there was no signage warning people away. So we let them play.

And by the time we left, the fountain looked like this.