Have Twins, Will Travel

Cycling Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman – My favorite way to see almost any destination is by bicycle. Whether I rent a bike from PEDDLING PELICAN CRUISER or bringing my own bike to ride, I love cycling! It’s quick enough that you can cover a lot of territory and it’s so relaxing and peaceful. But it’s close to the ground, so it’s easy to slow down, stop, explore and interact.

Grand Cayman is no exception. Countless resorts offer bicycles for their guests to get around. Additionally, two excellent bicycle tours explore the island’s opposite ends. These are flat, easy routes that are mostly traffic free. Both companies have kids’ bikes.


Cycling the East End

Eco Rides Cayman

A lifelong East Ender, Shane Edwards is passionate about showing off his end of the island – preferably on two wheels. Ranging from two to five hours, the cycling tours stop at landmarks such as the Wreck of the Ten Sail monument, the East End lighthouse and the blowholes, with a rest stop at Shane’s own cozy home at Grapetree Cove (complete with hammocks). This is a fun way to explore the East End, which is a world away from the crowds and craziness of Seven Mile Beach.

West Bay Loop

The West Bay Loop is a 9-mile cycling trail that circles the peninsula, following the spectacular coastline through Barkers National Park, through the residential areas along Spanish Bay, and around the Northwest Point. Sign up for the three-hour guided tour; or rent a bike, grab a map and follow the route on your own. The West Bay Loop also boasts “four of the island’s coolest waterfront bars along the way.” So there’s that.

The twins learned to ride bikes last year, but we have not yet explored any foreign cities on two wheels (unless you count New York). They are probably not ready for these routes, which start at 11 and 9 miles respectively. But the next time we come to Cayman, it’s on my list!