Have Twins, Will Travel

Le Corsaire, AKA the Pirate Ballet

Boston, Mass – For my birthday, the twins took me to the ballet. Of course, being six-year-old boys, they are particular about which ballet they might want to see. So I should specify that they took me to see the pirate ballet — Le Corsaire.

The twins’ introduction to the ballet was two years ago, when we took them to see the Nutcracker. It was a pretty magical experience, though they did start to lose interest in the second act.

Two years later, the whole ballet experience blew these guys away.

From the moment we walked into the Opera House, they were ogling the gilded decor and staring at the painted ceilings. When the orchestra started playing the overture, Twin V remarked “This is some music!” The set was elaborate; the costumes were colorful; the dancing was flashy. Best of all, the story was action-packed — perfect for two little swashbucklers.

On our way out, a woman asked “Are your boys dancers?” observing their excitement. “Or are they pirates?”

Pirates, definitely pirates.


Pirate Crew