Have Twins, Will Travel

Lumparby Ollas

Åland, Finland – Here in Åland, we are staying in a farmhouse in the tiny village of Lumparland. There is not much here, save a church, a food market and the delightful and dangerous Lumparby Ollas Cafe.

Several things to note in that last photo. First of all, the Moomin mug, this one featuring nobody’s favorite character Sniff. (If you’re not sure what Moomins are, read here and here.) Second of all, the pulla (one of the famous 42 Finnish foods) that they make at Lumparby Ollas. That is what I mean by dangerous.

Aside from the pastries, we love Lumparby Ollas because the children can run around and explore while we sit and drink coffee. The lovely garden is currently hosting a mini exhibit of artwork by Little BBQ Junk Art. Dig the use of recycled materials! This stuff would fit right in back at the pink house. However, the piece I really love (crow perched on pitchfork) was not available, so we refrained from adding to our own entourage.