Have Twins, Will Travel

Secret Marvels of the World

“The cave was black. The weak beam of my headlamp lit only as far as my next step. But when our guide shined his powerful light on our surroundings, the space suddenly opened up. It was a vast cavern, hanging with magnificent stalactite and stalagmite formations. So this is what the underworld looks like, I thought.”

So began my experiences in one of the Secret Marvels of the World, as described in Lonely Planet’s newest collection. The book includes 360 extraordinary places, ranging from a crystal cave (Mexico) to a forest of crooked trees (Poland) to a disappearing island (Tonga). Other wonders are created by human hand, such as a house made out of glass bottles (Canada) to a witches’ market (Peru) to a rat-worshipers’ temple (India). Pretty bizarre stuff, but oddly inspiring for adventurous souls. Buy the book here. (I’m on page 52.)

Secret Marvels of the World, Lonely Planet Global Ltd