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Everyday Explorations

Boston, Mass – Lonely Planet has partnered with Ford Motor Co to promote everyday explorations in five American cities.


“Rediscover the boundless searching spirit of America in these fresh looks at iconic cities across America.” Including Boston (copy by yours truly). Read more on the Everyday Explorations microsite

Everyday Explorations in Boston: City of Innovation

From the country’s first university to the movement for independence, Boston has long been a city of innovation and learning, revolution and change. Still today, the institutions of education and purveyors of technology fuel this place with energy and ideas that keep it charging ever forward. Read the article here…


Also part of this partnership, there is now a cool mural in Allston, at the corner of Chester and Brighton Streets. The murals highlights Boston as a city of innovation, both past and present. Check it out.

For the record, the all-new 2020 Ford Explorer is not the best way to undertake everyday explorations (or any explorations) in Boston. I prefer my bicycle! But nevermind, this is a fun campaign.