Have Twins, Will Travel

Tree Climbing and Waterfall Swimming

Cabo Matapalo, Costa Rica – While I was traipsing across Corcovado National Park, my boys were having adventures of their own, tree climbing and waterfall swimming on a tour with Everyday Adventures. Today we retraced their route so they could show me what they did. And let me tell you… it was pretty amazing.

We started with a hike up the river, which actually involved scaling a smaller cascade at one point. Here is Twin V showing me how it’s done.

Our initial destination was the glorious King Louis waterfall. It’s a beaut, not to mention the sweet little swimming hole that is perfect for cooling off after a sweaty hike.

Then we continued to this enormous fantastic strangler fig, which the twins had scaled on their previous outing. Unfortunately, the pictures are somehow stuck on Daddio’s phone so I have no photographic evidence. But I will say that the twins were exuberant when they reported about showing off their tree climbing skills. Safely strapped into harnesses, they climbed up to a platform 70 feet off the ground! The descent–less exhausting but no less thrilling–was a sort of free-fall, then a swing, as they were belayed back to terra firma.

I always knew my kids were part monkey. Spider monkey, I think.