Have Twins, Will Travel

Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester

Gloucester, Mass – For years, I have fantasized about spending my summer exploring New England’s many glorious beaches, each week checking out a new sandy spot. Normally, we are just too “busy” to do it. We are traveling. Or we are working. Or the kids are going to camp. This was true, even when I was updating (part of) the Lonely Planet guide to New England a few years ago. I made a point to visit many North Shore beaches as a part of my research, but it was usually part of a busy work day covering multiple destinations. And the twins never wanted to come with me.

Fast forward to 2020. Here we are with a summer free of plans… and full of beach outings! Apparently, it takes a global pandemic to make some fantasies a reality.

This post continues our series on pandemic field trips. Next up… Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester.

Over the last few weeks, the twins and their friends became attached to Front Beach in Rockport. They love climbing on the rocks and exploring the tide pools. (The parents love the free street parking.) But this week we decided to change it up with a visit to the much larger and more celebrated Good Harbor Beach, up the road in Gloucester. It was a good move.

We arrived early afternoon on a Friday (which is our M.O.). It was a cloudy afternoon and the parking lot was practically empty. It was also free! We couldn’t help but think we got away with something – somehow avoiding the normal $30 parking fee – but no complaints.

Good Harbor is a vast, beautiful beach. Unlike Front Beach in Rockport, there is not much development that is visible from the beach itself. We set up at the far southern end of the beach (aka Little Good Harbor), where there is an inlet that offers deeper water for swimming, even at low tide. The kids had fun swimming across to the rocky promintory on the other side. At low tide, we walked out (seemingly for miles) to the sand bar. At the end of the day, we returned home exhausted and happy. But we couldn’t leave Gloucester without stopping at The Causeway Restaurant for fried clams and lobster rolls!

Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester