Have Twins, Will Travel

Covid-Safe Summer in Michigan

St Clair Shores, Michigan – We have given up a lot this year (as everyone has). But I wasn’t quite ready to give up our annual time with the grandparents on Lake St Clair. After much deliberation, we finally came up with a Covid-safe solution to spend part of our summer in Michigan. Our precautions included pre-departure Covid tests and driving instead of flying. Kids were slightly petrified about the Covid test, but we managed. And I was slightly petrified about the 13-hour drive, but it was actually kind of fun. (More on that in a later post.) So we made it without incident to summer in Michigan, where grandparents and lake awaited.

Normally, the grandparents keep us pretty busy in Michigan. We spend most of our time at the lake. The twins see their cousins. We ride bikes and eat Coney dogs. We usually spend a day at the Henry Ford or do something fun in Detroit, like visit Belle Isle or ride the Dequindre Cut.

This year for our Covid-safe summer in Michigan, our options were limited, as museums and such were out of the question. So we had to get creative.

One of the highlights of the week (can’t do this at home!)

The neighbors’ pets are always looking for company

The best part about our Covid-safe summer in Michigan? Of couse it’s Lake St Clair