Have Twins, Will Travel

Madame Gilflurt’s Excerpt from The Tsarina’s Lost Treasure

We have noted the popular fascination with Catherine the Great. While the Russian Empress may be among the trendier rulers from this period, historian Catherine Curzon points out that the Georgian era (1914-1837) was rife with “unique, eccentric and flamboyant monarchs.” And this is what she explores in her quirky website, Madame Gilflurt’s Guide to Life, a blog about all things Georgian. This week, the site features an excerpt from The Tsarina’s Lost Treasure. Read about Catherine as a protector and promoter of the arts, who oversees theatrical productions, debates philosophy, and amasses an art collection to rival any in Europe. Click through to read Madame Gilflurt’s excerpt from The Tsarina’s Lost Treasure…

The Small Hermitage, built by Catherine the Great to house her art collection, and now part of the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia.