Have Twins, Will Travel

Baseball Fever

Boston, Mass – Baseball is back! After something of a non-year in 2020 (Covid, of course), the Red Sox are back in action with in-person spectators. AND the same is true for Somerville Little League! No wonder we have baseball fever!

The twins graduated to the “Majors” this year. And their team – the Mighty Reds (sometimes known as the Squids) – was coached by none other than Daddio. I may be biased, but Daddio is the fairest and funnest baseball coach the twins have ever had. For real. He did not favor his own kids (much to my chagrin). He let the best players shine, but also gave the younger kids a chance to try different positions. They improved so much as a team.

The Mighty Reds discussing strategy

And even though there was a clear frontrunner all season long, the Reds managed to surprise everyone with a victory against them in the playoffs. The Reds didn’t win it all, but they came pretty darn close. And that was something nobody expected.

Baseball fever continues this summer, as the twins are on a city-wide all-star team. Daddio is taking a break from coaching.

Meanwhile, the Sox are also doing better than anybody expected, so we have also headed back to Fenway Park – once for Fathers’ Day (per this family tradition I am trying to establish) and once when Daddio’s sister was visiting from Tampa. (She was not discreet about her loyalties to the Rays, but we let her sit with us anyway.)

Baseball is back!