Have Twins, Will Travel


Sarasota, Florida – You have probably heard that pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America. I think it’s fair to ask: who doesn’t play pickleball these days?

I don’t know… but not us!

We always play a little bit of pickleball when we come down to Sarasota to visit the grandparents. We love it for the same reason everyone loves it: it’s easy to learn and it’s fun for people of all ages and abilities. It’s active but not too active, strategic but not too strategic, challenging but not too challenging. You can play singles but we usually play 2×2. And we have the advantage of having three adults, so we get to rotate out for a break. (The twins need no break.)

Twin V playing pickleball

The guys were always pretty competitive about it (of course). But this is the first year that the twins are actually pretty good at pickleball. Like, good enough that they get frustrated when their adult partner mucks up. Like, good enough that they teamed up together and beat their grandfather and me. Like, good enough that they have wanted to play a lot this week.

Not just a lot: Every. Single. Day.

I don’t think I am the only one who would say that pickleball has been a highlight of our week in Sarasota. The twins are really entertained and the grandparents are delighted to be spending time and having fun with them.

Now we just need to find some courts back in Somerville so we can play at home and the twins can teach their friends.

In case you are one of the last people in the country who has not played pickleball, it’s essentially a combination of ping-pong and tennis. (Imagine hitting a whiffle ball with ping-pong paddles on a small tennis court and you get the idea. Or you can get the official rundown here.) And in case you were wondering about the name, you can read this article about how pickleball really got its name (however unfortunate).