Have Twins, Will Travel

Another snow storm

Sarasota, Florida – I just want to point out that we were supposed to fly home–from Sarasota to Boston–last Friday. But we didn’t. Why not, you ask? (As do the administrators at the twins’ school…) Because our flight was canceled due to another snow storm on the east coast. That’s right, for the fourth time this winter, our travel plans were disrupted by a snow storm. (First time here, second time here, third time here, fourth time now.)

The airline offered to reschedule our return flight… one week later. (It’s one of these discount airlines with only a few flights a week and no connecting flights so… I guess it was the best they could do.) Meanwhile, there were no other seats on any other flights into Boston for days. And if there were, they were way out of my price range.

I looked for other options, really I did. I looked into renting a car and driving home. I tried to figure out how to take the train home. I explored every option for flying home, including flying via Michigan (?)

Finally, we decided to just stay in Florida for four extra days.

What the heck? There’s no snow storm here!