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Best Times to Visit Cape Cod

What are the best times to visit Cape Cod? Daydreams often include long sunny days at the beach, strolling on the sand, frolicking in the water and eating plenty of seafood. In reality, this idyllic picture only exists a fraction of the year – primarily in July and August, the only months with consistently warm weather and sunny skies. 

Fortunately, the remaining months have their own appeal, such as fewer people and lower prices, and each season presents delightfully different dressings, from fall foliage to winter holiday festivities to spring blooms. Even better? Seafood is in season year-round.

Whether you’re coming for a summer beach holiday or an offseason getaway, here are the best times to visit Cape Cod. Read more at Lonely Planet…

Cape Cod Bay at low tide
Cape Cod Bay at low tide