Have Twins, Will Travel

Old Sitka

Sitka, Alaska – Foggy day bike ride out to Old Sitka, the site of the original Russian settlement from 1799. The Russians and the Tlingit actually cooperated for several years, but relations were tense. Finally–in retaliation for a bunch of stuff–Tlingit warriors destroyed Fort St Michael in 1802. And the Russians retreated. Now, the site is the Old Sitka State Historic Park and National Historic Landmark. Read all about it in Last Stand of the Raven Clan (in about two years).

Total miles cycled: 15 miles.

Cycling out the Old Sitka
Cycling to Old Sitka

Spotted on the way: one slinky river otter, a dozen bald eagles, and a street named after one of the villains in our book.

The villain is Grigory Shelikov, not Gospodin Halibut!