Have Twins, Will Travel

Kayak Sitka Sound

Sitka, Alaska – We couldn’t leave Alaska without going for a paddle! We saved this adventure for Sitka, as the gorgeous Sitka Sound is strewn with wooded islands and welcoming inlets, all begging for exploration. Sitka Sound Ocean Adventure organized our fabulous outing to kayak Sitka Sound through the fog.

We decided to book a tour to kayak Sitka Sound, instead of just renting kayaks and setting out on our own (despite our disappointment with our last paddling tour on the Wailua River in Kauai).

We made this decision because we are not expert paddlers, nor do we know the seascape. It seemed like we would stay safer, go farther, and see more, if somebody else led the way. Sitka Sound Ocean Adventure was perfect for us because they offered small groups (only six people plus a guide) and a variety of tours. We chose the mid-level “Sitka Sound Paddle & Cruise”, a half-day outing to kayak Sitka Sound.

We had a pretty sunny day to start, but the fog soon creeped in. (The ubiquitous Fog Woman never stays away for long.) Sitka Sound was spectacular in both dressings. There are dozens of islands scattered around the bay, most of which are barely inhabited. We paddled through hidden passageways and discovered unexpected coves.

We found sea stars and spotted tons of eagles (but sadly no sea otters or whales).

Incidentally, we also paddled across the wide and windy Eastern Passage, which was the most challenging stretch. Total paddling distance: six miles!