Have Twins, Will Travel

Welcome to My Treehouse

Boca Tapada, Costa Rica – I’ve been coming to Costa Rica for years, visiting and reviewing hotels that offer treehouse lodging, but this is the first time I had the opportunity to actually sleep in a tree. I don’t know what took me so long. It is so cool! I really wish the twins were here to share this experience with me. Here’s a quick overview of my stay at the Maquenque Eco Lodge in the northern wilds of Costa Rica. Welcome to my treehouse!

Did I mention that they give you a walkie-talkie to call the front desk in case of emergency? Of course I had to use it… Shortly after arrival I had to make my way back to the the main lodge for dinner… in the dark. Under normal circumstances, it’s a short and simple walk and the trail is well-maintained. But I had just arrived so I didn’t know my way around. And it was pitch black in the forest, so I couldn’t see beyond the beam of my flashlight. I was terrified of losing my way and getting lost in the rainforest at night. (Blame my PTSD from that time I got lost in La Amistad International Park!) So I dialed up the receptionist on my walkie-talkie and she directed me to the right trail with no further trauma.

Besides the fantastic treehouse experience, this place also has a sweet swimming pool, an excellent restaurant and top-notch customer service. And yes, they do have more accessible cabanas that are closer to the main lodge (and on the ground).

By the way, apparently word got out that I was extending a warm welcome to my treehouse. I was enjoying a mid-morning rain shower when this crew showed up for a party (or perhaps just to get out of the rain).

Welcome to my treehouse!