Have Twins, Will Travel

Arenal Volcano

La Fortuna, Costa Rica – It was pouring rain when I drove into La Fortuna last night. This is the weather that I feared when I planned a trip to the rainforest during the rainiest month of the rainy season. My weather app promised more of the same in the coming days. But I woke up to this view of Arenal Volcano.

Happy Birthday to me!

Love, The Universe

On a previous visit, we spent an entire week living in the shadow of Arenal volcano, and we only saw the mighty mountain in its entirety once. So I’m feeling pretty right with the world right now.

I spent my birthday at Arenal 1968, a private reserve with hiking trails on the slopes of the volcano. The trails follow the lava flows from a massive eruption in 1968 (hence, the name). It’s a short but rugged hike with fabulous views of volcano and lake.

It occurred to me that I have spent years desperately trying to avoid “hot lava”, per my twins’ favorite ongoing game. And today I find myself literally following a trail of volcanic ash and rocks from an actual lava flow.

I’m sure there is a lesson there.

Arenal 1968